My Story

When I founded my first business, I struggled so much. I look back now and I sometimes wish I had someone to just give me some pointers on how to get started as it would have saved me years of trials and errors. The first risk I took was selling my first car ever to launch my beauty business. I was super excited, as I had contacted one or two manufacturers, made hasty decisions, and launched my first product with my unregistered company!

Without mincing words, I failed! This failure was not as a result of poor sales, infact my first stock sold out but I was unable to restock as I could not account for any tangible amount of money. I was so confused about everything but unwilling to give up. I decided to retrace my steps and review the whole process. I asked myself various questions, What did I do wrong? Where was all the money from the sales? Why was I broke even after selling out my products? I then realised that my whole foundation was wrong. I had absolutely no structure or foundation to build up a sustainable brand. Hence, failure was inevitable.